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How to Brew Cowboy Coffee – Official Recipes

Cup of cowboy coffee with burlap bags of arabica beans

When you set out to brew authentic Cowboy Coffee, whether you prefer Colombian coffee, French roast, or espresso, quality beans make all the difference. Not everyone likes the same kind of coffee, so knowing what you like will help you choose the best coffee for you. Colombian coffees are generally sweet, have low acidity, and have a well-balanced flavor. An espresso or dark roasted blend has a richer flavor, and can handle more cream and sugar and still retain its gusto. Light roasted coffee has more tang, sweetness and a more complex aroma and flavor. Whether you are camping or indoors, having a quality bean means your coffee will be that much better.

How to Make Cowboy Coffee on The Stove

Just because you want Cowboy Coffee, doesn’t mean you have to be camping outdoors or roughing it with the coyotes. Follow these step by step instructions for making a great pot of genuine Cowboy Coffee.

  1. Using your tin coffee pot, pour 8 ounces of water for each cup of Cowboy Coffee you want to make. A simple way to do this is to use your coffee cup to measure how much water to use.
  2. If you have whole beans, now is the time to grind them. Remember, the finer the grind, the stronger the flavor.
  3. Over medium heat, bring your water to a boil, and then add to the pot one generous scoop of coffee grounds for each cup of coffee you are brewing. Example: 4 cups of coffee means add four scoops of grounds.
  4. Stir the ground with a long spoon to help extract the flavor from the coffee grounds.
  5. Take the tin pot off of the heat and wait a few minutes while the grounds settle down.
  6. To help settle the grounds to the bottom of the pot, add a couple spoonfuls of cold water.
  7. Pour your stovetop Cowboy Coffee and enjoy the added giddyap.

How to Make Cowboy Coffee with a Campfire

A cowboy riding a horse in the mountains
Making Cowboy Coffee by using a campfire takes you closer to the Old World style and the great Wild West heritage you love. A tin pot or percolator pot are the preferred tools for making coffee like a real cowboy. The original Cowboy Coffee doesn’t come in K-cups, and it has a distinctly enjoyable taste.
Camping enthusiasts will favor the scenic route and enjoy this rustic method of brewing their great tasting morning java.

  1. You will need a campfire for starters. Make sure you are using clean, seasoned firewood, and are a safe distance from buildings or any flammable brush.
  2. After you have made a steady campfire, grab your tin coffee pot or percolator tin pot, and put your ground coffee inside. This follows the same rule of thumb as before: one generous scoop of grounds per cup of coffee.
  3. Fill your coffee pot close to the top with fresh water. Don’t add too much so you spill; leave some room. (Keep in mind the coffee will eventually boil over, which is normal).
  4. Find a place to set the tin coffee pot into the fire. You may have to move logs and coals around to make a place for it. Be sure not to disturb the fire too much when you do this.
  5. After the water has started to boil, you can add a crushed eggshell to add calcium to the coffee and to stop the grounds from escaping during the rolling of the boil. You can just the same stir the pot with a wooden spoon if you prefer.
  6. To help settle the grounds to the bottom of the pot, add a couple spoonfuls of cold water.
  7. Let the pot of freshly brewed Cowboy Coffee cool, then serve it in your favorite coffee mug or share with your fellow pioneers.

Use a Cowboy Coffee Kettle When You Brew

You can brew great-tasting, Old West style coffee every day when you have the right beans coupled with the proper coffee kettle. To brew great tasting Cowboy Coffee, inside or out, you need to find yourself a quality tin coffee pot or percolator coffee pot. When you taste the difference of authentic Cowboy Coffee, you will be chomping at the bit for more. Authentic Cowboy Coffee is rich, bold, and brewed with the wild untamed spirit of the Old West.

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  1. Personally, I drink a lot of coffee. So about 6 to 8 espressos a day. So far, that has not hurt me. Only in the evening I drink almost no more coffee, at most for a good meal.

  2. During hurricane season we got everything ready when I realized no electricity I what will I do for coffee in the morning. I kept my grandmothers and mothers old perk makers. I lost power but made coffee with sausage & eggs on iron skillets. Neighbors said they smelled my coffee it was the best coffee I had in decades. I’ve unplugged those coffee makers boxed up perk ever since.

    1. Hey Chris! One scoop would be the equivalent to TWO full tablespoons. And we like a hefty scoop.

  3. Thank you for good and clear instructions.

    8 oz of water for each cup. Not sure what is meant by “cup” — there many sizes of cups, could you please let me know the liquid capacity of a cup for this purpose?

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